Nov 29, 2023 Guest lecture on neural language models and data to Corpus Linguistics at Pomona College!
Nov 15, 2023 Gave an invited talk “Neural Language Models are not Modeling Human Linguistic Behavior” to the wonderful FALCoN Lab at University of Georgia!
Oct 6, 2023 “Can Language Models Be Tricked by Language Illusions? Easier with Syntax, Harder with Semantics” accepted as a talk at CoNLL 2023 in Singapore (with Yuhan Zhang and Ted Gibson).
Sep 21, 2023 “What Language Models Can Tell Us About Learning Adjectives,” talk to be presented at the 2024 LSA Annual Meeting in NYC (with Megan Gotowski). January 4-7, 2024.
Jul 1, 2023 First day at Colgate! :smile: